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So let’s get this straight, they passed a healthcare bill without first reading it and now expect everyday Americans to understand everything that’s in it?

We don’t agree with that.

We exist to to provide facts, recommendations of plan options, and assist with enrollment.  Additionally, we provide our customers great service all year long.

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Your Advisor

David Brown

President and Principal Advisor

David Brown started his health insurance career in 2001 when he accepted a position at Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah. During his time with Regence, he worked in various positions throughout the company including: Self-Funded Dedicated Service Team; Benefits, Contract and Compliance (Legal Department); and Sales, assisting in educating agents/brokers within Utah about product options, enrollment, compliance and best practices.

In 2012 David accepted a position with Humana as an Individual Sales Executive where he oversaw and managed 350+ agents within Utah and Idaho. As an advisor for agents, the role demanded an expert level of knowledge particularly with respect to the implementation of the Affordable Care ACT (ACA).  After two years at Humana, combined with deep insurance acumen, David left on a new adventure and started Climbing Healthcare.